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A duvet from innovative, patented material. The stuffing material Luxfill is lighter, more aerier and softer than a feather and as it is not a feather, it will never come through the fabric. We have taken the best features of the feather and enhanced them. The material is hypo-allergenic, breathable, free from dust mites, easily washable, half the price of feather. High-quality duvet and pillow that do not change their properties nor shape during sleep. You can wash the products at 40°C.


Breathable, air circulation facilitated by a special mesh. Moisture is removed from the duvet via a mesh fabric. Reduces the growth of bacteria. The duvet is made from Mikro Tencel fabric, which is perfect for sensitive skin. You feel light, dry, and warm when sleeping with the Air duvet. Wash the products at 60 °C.

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